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Vintage Rig Radio Club dedicated to restoring and preserving classic rigs. This can involve completely stripping the chassis and panels, restoring them, and reassembling the radio.


The JAMSAT booth seemed to be busy throughout the day explaining satellite operations and demonstrating tracking software and interfaces.


The Packet Radio Users Group (PRUG) had a live video feed from the 8N1HAM special event station and were making it available as a RealVideo stream on the Internet.


29FM Pacific Radio Network (PRN).


The Japan Amateur Slowscan TV Association (JASTA) was demonstrating a variety of hardware and software for slow scan. They also were demonstrating the real time JA8ANQ SSTV receive server.


The Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA) booth demonstrated IRLP, Echolink, and WiRES repeater linking. (L to R: JF1TEU, JR1NNV, 7J1AAL, 7J1AIL)


Seanet meets daily on 14.320 at 1200Z. Their 2003 convention will be in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 11/27~11/30.


The JARL A1 Club, JO1ZZZ, demonstrated everything from classic keys to using eQSO for Internet MCW contacts.


The Facsimile Club showed a number of high tech solutions to transmit faxes by amateur radio, including for color fax TX/RX.


Chris, W6HFP, explains the Buddipole portable dipole at the Mobile2000 club booth. (Japanese version)


A Christmas tree of microwave gear at the Yokohama Amateur Microwave Association (YAMA) booth.

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